Adam Capodieci


Adam Capodieci has been involved sports his entire life. As a former professional baseball player he has chosen the road to train athletes at all levels. Adam is a S.M.A.R.T certified personal trainer, former colligate baseball coach, girls Varsity volleyball coach, director of CatcherMtrx Softball and runs his own fastpitch catchers camp and grass roots girls volleyball camps.

He founded AC Athletics, Inc in 2014 to offer programs for athletes to be trained at a high level of intensity while pushing all of his players through motivation and daily goals. Leadership, positivity and confidence are some of the key points in his training while skill and physical strength and endurance are being achieved.



Adam loves his job and has a passion for helping others through their athletic journey. To watch one of his athletes succeed, see results, experience happiness through their pursuit of skills, and watch the confidence build is the ultimate reward.

“Limitations exist only in your mind “ Flavio Baccianini 

Chris Reyes

  • Athelite Player Development Founder

  • Creator of the Catchermtrx System 

  • USA Baseball NYC Coordinator

  • I AM in the Community Co Founder

  • Empire Sports Alliance Founder

  • The Evolution Events Co Founder

Alexis Gonzalez

  • 2012-2014 attended LIU Post

  • 2012-NFCA second team all-region, ECC second team

  • 2013-Daktronics East Region First Team, NFCA all-region first team, ECC first team 

  • 2014- Daktronics East Region First Team, Third Team All-American , NFCA All Region First Team, ECAC and ECC First Team.

  • 2014- College World Series appearance


  • Graduated Sachem East High School 2016

  • Outside hitter

  •  2015 All League player

  •  3 year varsity player

  •  Attends St. Josephs College of Patchogue

  •  B.A in Psychology

  •  Continuing M.A in Psychology

  •  SYAG Volleyball Camp Coach

  •  AC Athletics Volleyball Coach

  •  Cedar Beach Volleyball League


  • Graduated Sachem East High School 2016

  • Libero/DS

  •  2015 League I Defensive Player of the Year, All League

  •  Club LI Blaze

  •  Scholarship player at Eastern University

  •  SYAG Volleyball Camp coach

  •  AC Athletics Volleyball camps coach

  •  Player of the Cedar Beach Volleyball League and Grass Tournament League

  •  In the Pre- Pa Program with Biology Major and Minor in BioChem

  •  Goal: to make it to into a Pa school to become a Physicians Assistant

Kaitlin Williams

  •  Graduated Sachem East High School 2017

  •  All County setter

  •  Clubs LIVBC/ LI Blaze

  •  Attends St. Joseph College

  •  Plays Right Side/ Setter

  •  LIVBC Club Coach, SYAG Camp coach, AC Athletics Volleyball Camp coach

  •  VBLI Indoor/Grass tournament league

  •  Psychology major and Pre req physical therapist

  •  Goals, graduate college with a 3.5 GPA or higher

  • Coach of LIVBC